Saturday, December 25, 2010

Castle in air...

The winds blow gently on my mind
Reminding me of you;
I smile.....I close my eyes
Knowing dreams do come true...
Now that we are far apart
I miss you from core of my heart...
Your existence had a meaning
evidently reflected in my life
your words still in prominence
serving as a reminiscence
of the days we were together
but now, gone are the days
and left are the memories,
memories I ponder over
that smile I crave for
that concern I long for
that intimacy I strive for
that warmth I yearn for
Often I wish for golden strands,
and dream of you once more,
praying n clasping desperate hands,
Wait! I hear a knocking at the door.....

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Life is changing...

Life's changing for us my dear...
we now are laden with more responsibilities
we now have a different set of priorities..
I don't doubt to be forgotten or ignored even at once...
but yeah...its no longer going to be what it used to be...

Life's changing for us my dear...
you still will find me everywhere,
but maybe not on time
it's all still the same, the same feelings, the same concern
but things around us have changed...

Life's changing for us my dear...
we use to talk, we use to meet and we use to have fun endlessly
but now we have our respective schedules
we still talk, we still meet and we still have fun endlessly
but maybe not on time

Life's changing for us my dear...
a new journey
some set goals, some new experiences
to establish ourselves, to stand on our own
to just touch the sky, to be successful...

Life's changing for us my dear,
but one for last that can never be changed
is our everlasting bond...
our relationship-so strong, so pure and so intimate...

Time still can't figure out any changes...
we still use our rights, we still fight
we still care, we still respect
for us it still matters to be with each other
"we" still are "we" and not you & me
and it is simple and clear...
Life's definitely not changing for us my dear...!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Hardly could have I said something…
everything seemed running so obvious
when d fact was it was all different...
I could notice, rather could feel too
but still remained silent,
for what good reason even I don’t know myself...
Maybe this time my choice to let it happen
or my running away from immuration...
It was not at all like before,
I could perceive things being changed
not only for myself
but for others around me as well...
Certainly it felt good, rather it still does
but then I fear, I fear to sustain it...
I know what it matters to have it n to lose it
realization of which just kills me the most,
For which I stand helpless
helpless to defend my conscious...
I still wished to part the prevailing proximities
but inside I crave to hold them the very same way they are...
This brings in light the battle inside me 
is it my choice or servitude to my values...?
The debate still goes on...the deviation still inherent...

Friday, July 16, 2010


I wish on your wishes, I dream on your dreams
with words so clear, nothing left to fear
Feelings so intense, holding deep essence
the closeness u share, the faith u shell out
Just turns me quiescent with no doubt
I admire, I yearn n I long for you
I just dont call for your sole concern on me
Neither I'm selfish nor I'm blind
I know I owe you but in my own sense, indeed I love to share you,
with others who have an equal right on you
for they deserve more of you as they were part of you much before I claimed my right on you
And I will never be able to bridge this gap
for they stay as valuable as they were...
I assure I still will understand you the very same way I used to
I might be late, but trust me won't eva let u wait
I do care for your concern
as it completes me, nurtures me
no matter what you want, what you ask for
your words holds dominion, your say matters
not as obligation, nor as responsibility
but as choice, as my own wish
Just forgive my mistakes as mere novice,
my ears alwayz open for your advice
I'll learn from my mistakes, grows from my errors
in different life's seasons n colors
 I assure to live up to your every single expectation,
sustaining our relation's divination n incantation...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

U have taught me smiling
under the worst of conditions
U made me understand meaning of life
when I ceased every hope to live...
When I had no one around to understand me
u were there, infact u were only there...
U assured that nothing can go wrong
and actually nothing did.....
I was bounded by pessimism all around
when u enlightened a clear ground...
I had enormous fears
haunting each one of dem every day
but u just fade them away...
U could feel my sorrow laden eyes
so u uplifted me through ur incessant tries
Simply with ur very dedicated n genuine intensions
ur will n wish to alleviate someone
I am actually where I'm today
Now when I ponder back on old days
I fear of arriving again the same state as before
though with each passing day my trust grew deeper
n I started trusting u more than myself
I'm assured that u will always be there,
coz for once I can doubt myself for lagging behind
considering all my efforts confined
But undoubtedly claims ur unconditional concern
that demands nothing in return....

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Miss those days...

Today standing still in search of glory,
recollecting those old memories.
Thinking of those days of togetherness,
I'm filled with thrill and happiness.
Those long hours of gossips,
every moment together was a bliss.
Late night chats, munching pizza's n fats
watching movies, licking candies
bunking lectures, escaping by pity gestures
grabbing last benches, discussing our crushes
uncontrollable pounding over pj's
those stupid games we use to play
that would simply pass the day
thinking of which now just turns me gray...
Life led with zeal, embracing the bond we shared,
those giggling and laughter sessions which we had.
Caring and sharing in abundance,
today wish to have one glance.
but, time has changed for us...
now we share different priorities,
laden with few set of responsibilities
dispersed over different parts
still much closer in hearts
Moving into the flashback,
thinking of those moments, I'm taken aback
Wish,the time could be rewinded,
as those days are always reminded.
I'm speechless,left with no words,
just thoughts and thoughts.
mesmerizing moments countless,
miss them all being helpless...

Monday, June 21, 2010


There is some extreme sense of belonging,
some intimate n eternal bond...
Dont know why do I feel so or what makes me feel so...
why do I blurt out everything
why are there no resraints, no boundations or why do I ignore them if they are...
Dont know what droves immense satisfaction n complacency
or what makes my soul contented
Some strange dynamism, some strange vigor...
that makes everything genial..
Something that fades away troubles as they grow, that fills the hollowness...
Something that drives u to be still better n better
Something assuring lifelong salvation...
Abiding unconditionally by every precept of vow be it be day or night
neglecting priorities or rather escaping daily grind
just to hold and sustain concern...
This what defines something,
I truly respect, admire n envy this being...:)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

She is...

She's a daughter, a sister, a grand-daughter, a niece, a cousin, a friend, a student, a young girl, and a grown woman...a simple girl yet unusual from others...she's pretty but most of the times she's tousled and rustic as she believes her beauty is not for all but for few.
she holds that she should not look beautiful everyday coz then special days are no indifferent from normal days...(crazy thought...yeah!)
she is intact with her prayers, trust her faith n holds rational credences to same.
she has an unostentatious elegance and possesses a congenital and innate idiosyncrasy
she embraces and honor her uniqueness
Her facile tone, her conciliatory gesture exhibiting natural accendancy over others to make u accept the very same way she wants u too, a bit manupilative to make situation worth living, to convince the audience and to sustain harmony and peace.
some strange dynamism, some strange vigor....imbued with revolutionary ardor
Tangled streaks of hair...deep hazel eyes indicating the antiquity of the soul and amulets of wisdom...
she is eleganant to her finger tips, an altogether distinct fragrance..
she respects and values her conventionalism in vogue manner, she feels smug and complacent for being naturally consecrated with ethics, virtues, integrity and righteousness...she is adored, she is appreciated and she is idolized
she's the one who cry her tears all alone in dark silence...who is very sensitive, very delicate n gets hurt easily...any thing beyond her natural stance has capabilities to break her into tears..
she is broken, she's shattered n she's tired...tired of struggles, tired of compromises, tired of attempts...
she fear her fears and dream her dreams
she enjoy refrainment or rather bounds herself as she believes confining impediments wandering, prohibits entry to doors that are difficult to escape from...she may deprive herself of pleasures or aspirations just to hold her conscientiousness...
she holds that compromising or loosing her share to others will fill her part more than she has for herself in store...(very strange though...!)
her interest towards her pleasures strikes me as more of a velleity than a firm desire or aspiration...
Least bothered of her comfort n abstemiousness in regard to gratification of desires...
she'll try her best to come upto evryone's expectations, to fulfill all what her responsibilities are, to actually abide by every norm, every percept of day and night.
she fears of being loved..she fears of being felt concerned for..coz she thinks she dont deserve..
she smiles on outside, whilst she may be dying inside...or probably lying on every side...
she maintains and sustains a balance in between her wishes and actions...she calculates n accordingly react...well, she's a perfect blend of traits...from a kid to a mature woman, a funny n humorous person to a serious n responsible one...a usual yet unusual identity
she's everything and she's nothing all at once...

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I was never so weak that I could unveil evrythng that I felt
But time made me its slave...
I always avoided to acknowledge my feelings
coz I feared of being misleaded by them
but now I ask myself for the same
Something made me blurt out what all I wished could remain inside me
Something asked me to disclose everythng...
and to my surprise I followed that voice
someone trusts blindly n confides in that thing more than herself...
Something assuring that sharing will make it better anyday
but I wonder for d fact that changed my irrevocable mindset
have I lost that resistance to be rigid n firm
or have I learnt to share
its nevertheless a strange percept
which I'm still ineffectual to accept...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wish for her wishes

She wish for her wishes

she counts on her stars

she trust her instincts

she value her values

elegance in her solemnity

charm in her dignity

as innocent n novice as a cub

euphonious voice, concinnity in tone

charming gesture, appealing rectitude

gleaming eyes showcasing wisdom of thoughts

facing hardships, bearing loads

struggling every percept of wow

still content to every extent

coz she entrusts her prayers

holds her faith

foresee brightness in dim

as she confides in Him

Friday, February 26, 2010

Amidst the journey

Amidst the journey, I may have stumbled;
in view of directions, I may have wandered...

When I had many ways, I might have chosen a wrong one
but I tried to retain a focussed will to reach my destination...

I dont claim to walk smooth paths, nor to bear an easy load
I yearn for strength and fortitude to climb the rock strewn road..

This new way nurtured my perspicacity and sagacity;
enlightened my wisdom through core...

It was a voyage, all through my experiences
I cherished, I grieved and I relished...

I faced different winds, n I felt different sun;
I grasped power and I endured courage...

Now, all fears lost...all apprehensions succumbed...
I can scale the hardest peaks alone;
And thus have learnt the skill to transform every stumbling block into stepping stone....

Monday, February 22, 2010

parts of me...

U had parts of me in you…
They are not lost, rather u have constrained their escalation
I know this one is solely for sake of me, for my happiness...
But u fail to realize that sharing is any day better than abstinence
Escaping is easier initially, but annihilates the most in vulnerable plight...
U evinced that their prevailed no such genuine bonding
U evinced that it was all lust that dominated over trust
U evinced that parts of me in you are no longer usual or existent n even if they are, they are worthless…
Also, not to misconceive as my choice to start up or end up all again, I’m concerned genuinely n solely with happiness-a mutual one…
Coming on to me, I still claim to hold parts of you...
Although they may be passive but unlike you, I have not let them oust...they still very well intact with me...
It's not my call or wish to hold or drop anything;
it’s just happiness that concerns me…
I only wish to share those parts of me that u might be entitled to or rather u demand...
Trust me, I don’t deny that its sustenance is demanding anyhow-
may be that was a prominent reason for escaping or avoiding the prevailing circumstances….but it too could have been made easier…It’s just a game of mere interpretation and perception…
Try to rationalize and get all good times back…life’s too short for regrets and ego…live up to its every call…
Strong will with pure intentions and zeal to sustain tends to make the sphere worth living and I admit to it…!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I promise

whenever u in pain
whenever u in vain
just call out my name
I promise, I'll be there

whenever some ups
whenever some downs
just think for the fact I care
I promise, I'll be there

whenever feeling low
whenever things not in flow
just presume my time's alwayz spare
I promise, I'll be there

whenever things not in place
whenever tired in life's race
just believe u need not be in despair
I promise, I'll be there

whenever something bothering
whenever adversities centering
just make me once aware
I promise, I'll be there

whenever u feel like crying
whenever u feel like relying
just remember some1's alwayz here
I promise, I'll be there

whenever loneliness prevailing
whenever long for sharing
just recall my frenship's share
I promise, I'll be there

Sunday, February 7, 2010

God n Me...

I asked God to fade away all my ailments..
God said, I need not take them away
You carrying them along, you yourself expel them...

I asked Him, give me strength, courage n pateince...
He said Pateince dont drop from sky, but developes in need to grow it urself...

I asked Him, give me happiness
He said I can just bless you, happiness need to be born within you..

I asked Him then give me all such things, with the aid of which I can derive pleasure from..
He said, all things give pleasure momentarily..nothing except my worship can give you solace for lifetime..

I said, fine..then give me strength to love others as much as you love me..
He smiled and said-the more you will spread my love, more than that you will find growing within you...:)

I dream my dreams...

Yearning for wings to fly high
Wish, I could touch the sky
Want to feel the breathe of cool breeze
I dream my dreams

Opening my eyes as gentle as first dew drops of winter
Living as embracing the radiance that clads the sunshine
Feeling the warmth of my values
I dream my dreams

Purity of smile to mark my wisdom
N happiness in heart to reflect my veracity
Dominated by thoughts
I dream my dreams

I’m imbued with a ray of hope
Entrapped in rejuvenation of desires,
Enkindling the lambent revival
His blessings and my day
I dream my dreams