Friday, February 26, 2010

Amidst the journey

Amidst the journey, I may have stumbled;
in view of directions, I may have wandered...

When I had many ways, I might have chosen a wrong one
but I tried to retain a focussed will to reach my destination...

I dont claim to walk smooth paths, nor to bear an easy load
I yearn for strength and fortitude to climb the rock strewn road..

This new way nurtured my perspicacity and sagacity;
enlightened my wisdom through core...

It was a voyage, all through my experiences
I cherished, I grieved and I relished...

I faced different winds, n I felt different sun;
I grasped power and I endured courage...

Now, all fears lost...all apprehensions succumbed...
I can scale the hardest peaks alone;
And thus have learnt the skill to transform every stumbling block into stepping stone....

Monday, February 22, 2010

parts of me...

U had parts of me in you…
They are not lost, rather u have constrained their escalation
I know this one is solely for sake of me, for my happiness...
But u fail to realize that sharing is any day better than abstinence
Escaping is easier initially, but annihilates the most in vulnerable plight...
U evinced that their prevailed no such genuine bonding
U evinced that it was all lust that dominated over trust
U evinced that parts of me in you are no longer usual or existent n even if they are, they are worthless…
Also, not to misconceive as my choice to start up or end up all again, I’m concerned genuinely n solely with happiness-a mutual one…
Coming on to me, I still claim to hold parts of you...
Although they may be passive but unlike you, I have not let them oust...they still very well intact with me...
It's not my call or wish to hold or drop anything;
it’s just happiness that concerns me…
I only wish to share those parts of me that u might be entitled to or rather u demand...
Trust me, I don’t deny that its sustenance is demanding anyhow-
may be that was a prominent reason for escaping or avoiding the prevailing circumstances….but it too could have been made easier…It’s just a game of mere interpretation and perception…
Try to rationalize and get all good times back…life’s too short for regrets and ego…live up to its every call…
Strong will with pure intentions and zeal to sustain tends to make the sphere worth living and I admit to it…!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I promise

whenever u in pain
whenever u in vain
just call out my name
I promise, I'll be there

whenever some ups
whenever some downs
just think for the fact I care
I promise, I'll be there

whenever feeling low
whenever things not in flow
just presume my time's alwayz spare
I promise, I'll be there

whenever things not in place
whenever tired in life's race
just believe u need not be in despair
I promise, I'll be there

whenever something bothering
whenever adversities centering
just make me once aware
I promise, I'll be there

whenever u feel like crying
whenever u feel like relying
just remember some1's alwayz here
I promise, I'll be there

whenever loneliness prevailing
whenever long for sharing
just recall my frenship's share
I promise, I'll be there

Sunday, February 7, 2010

God n Me...

I asked God to fade away all my ailments..
God said, I need not take them away
You carrying them along, you yourself expel them...

I asked Him, give me strength, courage n pateince...
He said Pateince dont drop from sky, but developes in need to grow it urself...

I asked Him, give me happiness
He said I can just bless you, happiness need to be born within you..

I asked Him then give me all such things, with the aid of which I can derive pleasure from..
He said, all things give pleasure momentarily..nothing except my worship can give you solace for lifetime..

I said, fine..then give me strength to love others as much as you love me..
He smiled and said-the more you will spread my love, more than that you will find growing within you...:)

I dream my dreams...

Yearning for wings to fly high
Wish, I could touch the sky
Want to feel the breathe of cool breeze
I dream my dreams

Opening my eyes as gentle as first dew drops of winter
Living as embracing the radiance that clads the sunshine
Feeling the warmth of my values
I dream my dreams

Purity of smile to mark my wisdom
N happiness in heart to reflect my veracity
Dominated by thoughts
I dream my dreams

I’m imbued with a ray of hope
Entrapped in rejuvenation of desires,
Enkindling the lambent revival
His blessings and my day
I dream my dreams