Sunday, October 23, 2011

Life is not easy a game,
you crave for love, care and fame...
It’s nothing but running a rat race
struggling in crowd to identify your face...
Every instant proving your potential
time passes in framing your credentials...
Unknown of the multiple phase transitions, you undergo
life plays a clever game without letting you know...
All you end up is a transformational identity
either for good or worse, time shall spell...
As you realize, you have already lost those moments
in plight of running and winning the game...
But, in this game you’d missed the essence of life: 
You live once, you love once and this life comes once...
Then, what are you running for?
What are you trying to win over?
Race is not what you want to win, battle is within you, with your aspirations...
Listen to your heart, value your charm
Give it new doors, then see all wishes shall be yours....

Saturday, August 20, 2011

At times you wonder, why I'm so distressed
I believe no point disclosing feelings that are already suppressed...
My mood swings annoy you that are often unstable
but, I'm not a limelight moth, attention makes me feel uncomfortable...
To you it seems I'm happy alone
again, its not my choice but the way I've grown...
You think, I mean when I say- just don't interfere
its not, in fact it affirms that I very much wish you to but can't share...
You believe I'm too feeble to take my stand
I say, I could if ever I had a magic wand...
You hold strong that I can never change
I assure, I will but in a right time range...
Yes you say, all will be me..just let it go...
but, again what I feel may not be necessarily what I show...
n 'what I show' is something you knowingly also don't know...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I’m not perfect, I agree…
But whenever I try to approach perfection,
I land up giving imperfect me…
I try not to delve deep into things
but you tell me,
what can I do if my thoughts have wings?
I try to cheer and also I try to smile
though, unknowingly it lasts only for a while...
My efforts not to be sensitive at all
but each time I try, I fall...
I try not to shed a single tear
maybe it’s not me but my fear...
I try my best to not to hurt you
but, all I end up is fighting hue...
I know I’m not suppose to cross that line-
a line that defines and confines
but, you need to understand 
that it is my conscious not being mine...
I earnestly wish to be what you want me to be
 I fail as I’m what ‘they’ want me to be…..
I’m not perfect, I agree…
But whenever I try to approach perfection,
I land up giving imperfect me…

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Pondering over past days
recollecting few old memories...
that peculiar smell of wet grass...
that unique sand pattern on ground..
all is the same...
I still remember those swings...
the games we use to play...
searching for ball or shuttle...
across every corner, under every bench
upset on winds that use to blow
changing the course of play...
angry, furious and dismayed
somehow calmed by chocolates on the way...
those fights over first den in the game
without caring for anyone, without any shame...
endless debates on selection of team
easy game with known ones it seems...
choosy in every action, be it be
badminton of silvers, yonex or carlton
skates of yonkers or wrist bands of adidas
choice of fine marbles for stapoos
or sport shoes for chain-chain...
life was so simple...options in abundance
demands fulfilled every once
no hardships, no targets...n no "expectations"
but changed are the times
grown are we...n far behind left are those days.....

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Up in the sky, I see the bright stars
I want a one for me but not so far
enlivening me, rejuvenating my desires
over which my life retires
imparting my life its subsistence, that's worth an existence
Star that lasts forever, leaving me never..!
whether it's a day or night, it always shine
Embracing loyalty, assuring lifelong submission...
but somewhere deep inside, I fear
by your ecsape behind the sun or clouds
or ignorance under the lame shadow
coz I'm tired of walking alone...
I know I will be safe
in cocoon of your heart
so wide open your doors
make me yours
coz I just can't cure all my gore's...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Moon & You...

I gaze at moon
with a hope to see you soon...
Your charisma all around
with prominence so sound
that makes me feel spellbound
Your glance so pure
as I see, the more I allure
Your brightness under the dark sky
just turns me shy
Waiting for you at nights
searching you at heights
caress of your bright light on my sight
makes me feel as you hug me tight
From childhood stories
till date, I relate
n give you all my worries....
I know your game of hide n seek,
just a way to make me weak
know you are hiding behind cloud
somewhere in sky crowd
Stop this play and before the dawning of the day
take me away
Alhough our night was made for loving
but the day returns too soon
I am where I was,
 waiting by the light of the moon...

Monday, January 17, 2011


The wind blowing swiftly over me
that touch with a gentle feel
the soft whispers of leaves
A suspended moment of perfect bliss
the silver splash of the snow
reflection of your image as it show
I again feel this wet snow
on my warm, soft skin.
Maybe it's this touch,
Or the way you make me feel
But whatever it is,
I'm head over heels.
the wind chime sings your tune
affirms a cadence note
whose every drift pushes me close to you
Icy hands, Icy toes
as I go, all I see is snow
all the chill I feel, the white mountains I see
the more you last in me
still I can feel this snow
nor will I let you go...
want to hug n embrace you in me
to share the warmth of you
And each time it snows
a footstep you make or maybe two
a door slide open
I would just reach out for you...


A hug and a smile
patience for a while
Respect and concern reserve
only if you feel I deserve
A soft tone
A love shown
Possesive about me or rather "WE"
evidently as I can see
Looking into my eyes
as brilliant light in dark skies
understands me, my worries

acknowledges my gestures
shares my desires
only my well being that he aspires
Lets his life for a drop of tear
the ones he can never ever bear
Awake to see me sleep all the way
till I slumbered the night away
Wishes happiness as my share
nurturing me with his care
Witnessing my immature stance,
never will he spare a chance
to grin at my naive glance
Hears my mind before it say
whether its night or day
His heart tuned with mine
that's how all goes fine
A smile in his style
makes me numb for a while
with stupid nicknames as he call
just makes me fall
I long, I admire, I yearn n I envy
All I ask me is,
How can YOU be so lovely...?