Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I was never so weak that I could unveil evrythng that I felt
But time made me its slave...
I always avoided to acknowledge my feelings
coz I feared of being misleaded by them
but now I ask myself for the same
Something made me blurt out what all I wished could remain inside me
Something asked me to disclose everythng...
and to my surprise I followed that voice
someone trusts blindly n confides in that thing more than herself...
Something assuring that sharing will make it better anyday
but I wonder for d fact that changed my irrevocable mindset
have I lost that resistance to be rigid n firm
or have I learnt to share
its nevertheless a strange percept
which I'm still ineffectual to accept...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wish for her wishes

She wish for her wishes

she counts on her stars

she trust her instincts

she value her values

elegance in her solemnity

charm in her dignity

as innocent n novice as a cub

euphonious voice, concinnity in tone

charming gesture, appealing rectitude

gleaming eyes showcasing wisdom of thoughts

facing hardships, bearing loads

struggling every percept of wow

still content to every extent

coz she entrusts her prayers

holds her faith

foresee brightness in dim

as she confides in Him