Saturday, December 25, 2010

Castle in air...

The winds blow gently on my mind
Reminding me of you;
I smile.....I close my eyes
Knowing dreams do come true...
Now that we are far apart
I miss you from core of my heart...
Your existence had a meaning
evidently reflected in my life
your words still in prominence
serving as a reminiscence
of the days we were together
but now, gone are the days
and left are the memories,
memories I ponder over
that smile I crave for
that concern I long for
that intimacy I strive for
that warmth I yearn for
Often I wish for golden strands,
and dream of you once more,
praying n clasping desperate hands,
Wait! I hear a knocking at the door.....

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Life is changing...

Life's changing for us my dear...
we now are laden with more responsibilities
we now have a different set of priorities..
I don't doubt to be forgotten or ignored even at once...
but yeah...its no longer going to be what it used to be...

Life's changing for us my dear...
you still will find me everywhere,
but maybe not on time
it's all still the same, the same feelings, the same concern
but things around us have changed...

Life's changing for us my dear...
we use to talk, we use to meet and we use to have fun endlessly
but now we have our respective schedules
we still talk, we still meet and we still have fun endlessly
but maybe not on time

Life's changing for us my dear...
a new journey
some set goals, some new experiences
to establish ourselves, to stand on our own
to just touch the sky, to be successful...

Life's changing for us my dear,
but one for last that can never be changed
is our everlasting bond...
our relationship-so strong, so pure and so intimate...

Time still can't figure out any changes...
we still use our rights, we still fight
we still care, we still respect
for us it still matters to be with each other
"we" still are "we" and not you & me
and it is simple and clear...
Life's definitely not changing for us my dear...!