Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Miss those days...

Today standing still in search of glory,
recollecting those old memories.
Thinking of those days of togetherness,
I'm filled with thrill and happiness.
Those long hours of gossips,
every moment together was a bliss.
Late night chats, munching pizza's n fats
watching movies, licking candies
bunking lectures, escaping by pity gestures
grabbing last benches, discussing our crushes
uncontrollable pounding over pj's
those stupid games we use to play
that would simply pass the day
thinking of which now just turns me gray...
Life led with zeal, embracing the bond we shared,
those giggling and laughter sessions which we had.
Caring and sharing in abundance,
today wish to have one glance.
but, time has changed for us...
now we share different priorities,
laden with few set of responsibilities
dispersed over different parts
still much closer in hearts
Moving into the flashback,
thinking of those moments, I'm taken aback
Wish,the time could be rewinded,
as those days are always reminded.
I'm speechless,left with no words,
just thoughts and thoughts.
mesmerizing moments countless,
miss them all being helpless...

Monday, June 21, 2010


There is some extreme sense of belonging,
some intimate n eternal bond...
Dont know why do I feel so or what makes me feel so...
why do I blurt out everything
why are there no resraints, no boundations or why do I ignore them if they are...
Dont know what droves immense satisfaction n complacency
or what makes my soul contented
Some strange dynamism, some strange vigor...
that makes everything genial..
Something that fades away troubles as they grow, that fills the hollowness...
Something that drives u to be still better n better
Something assuring lifelong salvation...
Abiding unconditionally by every precept of vow be it be day or night
neglecting priorities or rather escaping daily grind
just to hold and sustain concern...
This what defines something,
I truly respect, admire n envy this being...:)