Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Miss those days...

Today standing still in search of glory,
recollecting those old memories.
Thinking of those days of togetherness,
I'm filled with thrill and happiness.
Those long hours of gossips,
every moment together was a bliss.
Late night chats, munching pizza's n fats
watching movies, licking candies
bunking lectures, escaping by pity gestures
grabbing last benches, discussing our crushes
uncontrollable pounding over pj's
those stupid games we use to play
that would simply pass the day
thinking of which now just turns me gray...
Life led with zeal, embracing the bond we shared,
those giggling and laughter sessions which we had.
Caring and sharing in abundance,
today wish to have one glance.
but, time has changed for us...
now we share different priorities,
laden with few set of responsibilities
dispersed over different parts
still much closer in hearts
Moving into the flashback,
thinking of those moments, I'm taken aback
Wish,the time could be rewinded,
as those days are always reminded.
I'm speechless,left with no words,
just thoughts and thoughts.
mesmerizing moments countless,
miss them all being helpless...


  1. Your post made me nostalgic about my own college days, how we wish some days had never ended.

    Nice post and I love your new blog template. :)

  2. beautiful rhyme dear. College life and moments are best moments of one's life.

    I loved the background of ur template. so very nice :)

  3. wowwwwwwwww so badly mis al of dis....last 2 nd half yrs of colg wd hapnss wer d best moments of my colg lyf...rily wil all of it!!!

  4. loved it yaar........ simply awesum... feel like going back to those back benches n making fun of any xyz ...bitching.. laughing.. fyting wid teachers n lab-ass(:P)...... fyting for d last byt of food in cafetria... n ending each day wid d sentence..."igit barbaad h, is colg ka kuch naihoga"........ miss everything

  5. thats some real sweet words...the whole place just adds to the magic of the verse...nice job! :)

    Scribblers Inc.

  6. @An ordinary girl- thanks ya...:)
    @srishti n u missin dose days too...
    @Scribblers Inc- thanks ya n keep reading..:)