Friday, July 16, 2010


I wish on your wishes, I dream on your dreams
with words so clear, nothing left to fear
Feelings so intense, holding deep essence
the closeness u share, the faith u shell out
Just turns me quiescent with no doubt
I admire, I yearn n I long for you
I just dont call for your sole concern on me
Neither I'm selfish nor I'm blind
I know I owe you but in my own sense, indeed I love to share you,
with others who have an equal right on you
for they deserve more of you as they were part of you much before I claimed my right on you
And I will never be able to bridge this gap
for they stay as valuable as they were...
I assure I still will understand you the very same way I used to
I might be late, but trust me won't eva let u wait
I do care for your concern
as it completes me, nurtures me
no matter what you want, what you ask for
your words holds dominion, your say matters
not as obligation, nor as responsibility
but as choice, as my own wish
Just forgive my mistakes as mere novice,
my ears alwayz open for your advice
I'll learn from my mistakes, grows from my errors
in different life's seasons n colors
 I assure to live up to your every single expectation,
sustaining our relation's divination n incantation...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

U have taught me smiling
under the worst of conditions
U made me understand meaning of life
when I ceased every hope to live...
When I had no one around to understand me
u were there, infact u were only there...
U assured that nothing can go wrong
and actually nothing did.....
I was bounded by pessimism all around
when u enlightened a clear ground...
I had enormous fears
haunting each one of dem every day
but u just fade them away...
U could feel my sorrow laden eyes
so u uplifted me through ur incessant tries
Simply with ur very dedicated n genuine intensions
ur will n wish to alleviate someone
I am actually where I'm today
Now when I ponder back on old days
I fear of arriving again the same state as before
though with each passing day my trust grew deeper
n I started trusting u more than myself
I'm assured that u will always be there,
coz for once I can doubt myself for lagging behind
considering all my efforts confined
But undoubtedly claims ur unconditional concern
that demands nothing in return....