Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I was never so weak that I could unveil evrythng that I felt
But time made me its slave...
I always avoided to acknowledge my feelings
coz I feared of being misleaded by them
but now I ask myself for the same
Something made me blurt out what all I wished could remain inside me
Something asked me to disclose everythng...
and to my surprise I followed that voice
someone trusts blindly n confides in that thing more than herself...
Something assuring that sharing will make it better anyday
but I wonder for d fact that changed my irrevocable mindset
have I lost that resistance to be rigid n firm
or have I learnt to share
its nevertheless a strange percept
which I'm still ineffectual to accept...

1 comment:

  1. We were not designed and created to live in isolation. And that is why we have someone - be it a brother, sister, father, mother, relatives, friends and even "enemies" by our side. Someone to complain or rejoice with/of.We need to share our life experiences- good or bad.

    Loved your post. Inspires me to religiously follow your blog. :)