Tuesday, May 18, 2010

She is...

She's a daughter, a sister, a grand-daughter, a niece, a cousin, a friend, a student, a young girl, and a grown woman...a simple girl yet unusual from others...she's pretty but most of the times she's tousled and rustic as she believes her beauty is not for all but for few.
she holds that she should not look beautiful everyday coz then special days are no indifferent from normal days...(crazy thought...yeah!)
she is intact with her prayers, trust her faith n holds rational credences to same.
she has an unostentatious elegance and possesses a congenital and innate idiosyncrasy
she embraces and honor her uniqueness
Her facile tone, her conciliatory gesture exhibiting natural accendancy over others to make u accept the very same way she wants u too, a bit manupilative to make situation worth living, to convince the audience and to sustain harmony and peace.
some strange dynamism, some strange vigor....imbued with revolutionary ardor
Tangled streaks of hair...deep hazel eyes indicating the antiquity of the soul and amulets of wisdom...
she is eleganant to her finger tips, an altogether distinct fragrance..
she respects and values her conventionalism in vogue manner, she feels smug and complacent for being naturally consecrated with ethics, virtues, integrity and righteousness...she is adored, she is appreciated and she is idolized
she's the one who cry her tears all alone in dark silence...who is very sensitive, very delicate n gets hurt easily...any thing beyond her natural stance has capabilities to break her into tears..
she is broken, she's shattered n she's tired...tired of struggles, tired of compromises, tired of attempts...
she fear her fears and dream her dreams
she enjoy refrainment or rather bounds herself as she believes confining impediments wandering, prohibits entry to doors that are difficult to escape from...she may deprive herself of pleasures or aspirations just to hold her conscientiousness...
she holds that compromising or loosing her share to others will fill her part more than she has for herself in store...(very strange though...!)
her interest towards her pleasures strikes me as more of a velleity than a firm desire or aspiration...
Least bothered of her comfort n abstemiousness in regard to gratification of desires...
she'll try her best to come upto evryone's expectations, to fulfill all what her responsibilities are, to actually abide by every norm, every percept of day and night.
she fears of being loved..she fears of being felt concerned for..coz she thinks she dont deserve..
she smiles on outside, whilst she may be dying inside...or probably lying on every side...
she maintains and sustains a balance in between her wishes and actions...she calculates n accordingly react...well, she's a perfect blend of traits...from a kid to a mature woman, a funny n humorous person to a serious n responsible one...a usual yet unusual identity
she's everything and she's nothing all at once...


  1. Hey I am totally new to your blog, I was kind of pulled to your blog by Sourav's link. There is something so similar in the way you think and write , write and think as if I am reading me! I am going to be an addict to your blog now, I feel as if I read myself! :) And the character you have woven somehow resembles so much to yourself (probably) and myself! wow :)

  2. Gr8 to hear that...infact I too somehow was inclined towards your blog after reading..nice ya..
    keep writin n readin too..:)