Sunday, October 23, 2011

Life is not easy a game,
you crave for love, care and fame...
It’s nothing but running a rat race
struggling in crowd to identify your face...
Every instant proving your potential
time passes in framing your credentials...
Unknown of the multiple phase transitions, you undergo
life plays a clever game without letting you know...
All you end up is a transformational identity
either for good or worse, time shall spell...
As you realize, you have already lost those moments
in plight of running and winning the game...
But, in this game you’d missed the essence of life: 
You live once, you love once and this life comes once...
Then, what are you running for?
What are you trying to win over?
Race is not what you want to win, battle is within you, with your aspirations...
Listen to your heart, value your charm
Give it new doors, then see all wishes shall be yours....


  1. How I wish life could just be like your this poem :) Would be wonderful, really! :)

  2. We human are more alike deer. Who feels the fragrance and keeps running his whole life in search of aroma. Unaware of the source is within himself.

    Ashish Chauhan, Youngy

  3. Life is as easy and as complicated as we choose to make it!
    Great reminder..


  4. @valli: thanku..:)
    @sourav: same here too...:)