Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Up in the sky, I see the bright stars
I want a one for me but not so far
enlivening me, rejuvenating my desires
over which my life retires
imparting my life its subsistence, that's worth an existence
Star that lasts forever, leaving me never..!
whether it's a day or night, it always shine
Embracing loyalty, assuring lifelong submission...
but somewhere deep inside, I fear
by your ecsape behind the sun or clouds
or ignorance under the lame shadow
coz I'm tired of walking alone...
I know I will be safe
in cocoon of your heart
so wide open your doors
make me yours
coz I just can't cure all my gore's...

1 comment:

  1. Up from the distance,
    Isolated, I drift
    to the unknowns,
    leaving no trails,
    I exist
    Far away, shimmers a soul
    so pure, sinless desire
    selfish am I? I stare
    wondering, if a life-less
    blot of black dust
    could match the charm,
    her elegance, her lust
    She dreams of the star,
    the star that twinkles for her...