Friday, January 21, 2011

Moon & You...

I gaze at moon
with a hope to see you soon...
Your charisma all around
with prominence so sound
that makes me feel spellbound
Your glance so pure
as I see, the more I allure
Your brightness under the dark sky
just turns me shy
Waiting for you at nights
searching you at heights
caress of your bright light on my sight
makes me feel as you hug me tight
From childhood stories
till date, I relate
n give you all my worries....
I know your game of hide n seek,
just a way to make me weak
know you are hiding behind cloud
somewhere in sky crowd
Stop this play and before the dawning of the day
take me away
Alhough our night was made for loving
but the day returns too soon
I am where I was,
 waiting by the light of the moon...


  1. Lovely poem...perfectly rhymed...:)
    Keep writing...
    Happy Blogging

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  2. you don't agree with me but not everyone can write like you as you write so effortless and so beautiful..that force me to read again and again..and i like reading your blogs...:)

  3. hey haha! wasn't knowing that you are following me o.o haha thanks for following me.

    LOVED the poem
    and your blog ish super duper awesome o.o :D ♥ ♥

  4. @valli-thanks yaa...liked ur blog too...:)

  5. @manish-I still dont agree...:P
    N I will keep on writing as long as readers njoi....:):):)
    @chocolate Lover- :P
    thanks for appreciating...:)

  6. At night I dream of us together again..
    At night I wish for us to be together again..
    But in the morning I realize it was all..
    At Night?

  7. @sourav- analogy is true

  8. Readers still enjoy then why don't you write ???