Monday, January 17, 2011


A hug and a smile
patience for a while
Respect and concern reserve
only if you feel I deserve
A soft tone
A love shown
Possesive about me or rather "WE"
evidently as I can see
Looking into my eyes
as brilliant light in dark skies
understands me, my worries

acknowledges my gestures
shares my desires
only my well being that he aspires
Lets his life for a drop of tear
the ones he can never ever bear
Awake to see me sleep all the way
till I slumbered the night away
Wishes happiness as my share
nurturing me with his care
Witnessing my immature stance,
never will he spare a chance
to grin at my naive glance
Hears my mind before it say
whether its night or day
His heart tuned with mine
that's how all goes fine
A smile in his style
makes me numb for a while
with stupid nicknames as he call
just makes me fall
I long, I admire, I yearn n I envy
All I ask me is,
How can YOU be so lovely...?

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  1. nice blog.. again a good collection of your feelings..