Monday, January 17, 2011


The wind blowing swiftly over me
that touch with a gentle feel
the soft whispers of leaves
A suspended moment of perfect bliss
the silver splash of the snow
reflection of your image as it show
I again feel this wet snow
on my warm, soft skin.
Maybe it's this touch,
Or the way you make me feel
But whatever it is,
I'm head over heels.
the wind chime sings your tune
affirms a cadence note
whose every drift pushes me close to you
Icy hands, Icy toes
as I go, all I see is snow
all the chill I feel, the white mountains I see
the more you last in me
still I can feel this snow
nor will I let you go...
want to hug n embrace you in me
to share the warmth of you
And each time it snows
a footstep you make or maybe two
a door slide open
I would just reach out for you...


  1. Innocent, pure and snowy! :)

    Just because you love snow and winters as much as I do, can you tell me why do people relate coldness of a person to having no feelings; while that chill actually can make a pinch feel like a dissection?

    And I'd keep reminding you to post from now on! :p

  2. thanks yaa...
    generally, snowy weather is depressing for many(except few like me), so its always analogous to cold n passive behavior-thats why...
    n I will keep on writing as long as u keep on

  3. you pour your deep feeling in your words that make your poem/blog extraordinarily beautiful..

    keep writing..