Saturday, December 19, 2009

An attempt...

For once you did not even try to mend the circumstances
when there still existed chances
still unknown of the fact, for what reasons I decieved
well, I'm not bothered about what you conceived
my justification weaks my stand,

and anyday I dont wish to loose a hand
I kept on longing for you...
when you were everywhere
n I strived for that warmth which was not there
Infact I was very well dere...

but your eyes failed to perceive me...
I thought I could make up this time,
but you overlooked all my attempts..
you can see my mistakes, you can hold those grudges against me
but you cant deny my love for you...its true, pure n serene
its not lame to be defended by you..
although it requires sustainence by you..
without you, it holds no meaning and with you its everything..

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