Sunday, December 27, 2009

Show me light...

Dont u dare regard me, for what I dont deserve
I claimed to be intact with my values
when the fact is, I'm manipulative
I retain those which satisfy my conscious
while, those which I struggle to bear with,
I just manipulate them accordingly
Not all seasons are same, so is with different colors
dat what makes one value viable and others relatively nugatory
Though expected to be unmarred
bt still I declined to hold each one of dem indivisually
Stipulated to which I just want people around me to stop defending me
to stop giving me false hopes, stop overlooking my mistakes
n just stop giving me chances-
the ones I'm not worth of...
If u will not guide me,
abyss of this obscurity will mark my identity
I dont want to be an ideal nor do I want to potray perfectionism
coz I know n I accept I'm deviated but dont wish to hold deviation...

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