Sunday, February 7, 2010

God n Me...

I asked God to fade away all my ailments..
God said, I need not take them away
You carrying them along, you yourself expel them...

I asked Him, give me strength, courage n pateince...
He said Pateince dont drop from sky, but developes in need to grow it urself...

I asked Him, give me happiness
He said I can just bless you, happiness need to be born within you..

I asked Him then give me all such things, with the aid of which I can derive pleasure from..
He said, all things give pleasure momentarily..nothing except my worship can give you solace for lifetime..

I said, fine..then give me strength to love others as much as you love me..
He smiled and said-the more you will spread my love, more than that you will find growing within you...:)